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Wednesday, May 31st, 2017


The Duncan Family Sky Room
Mac Mahon Student Center


Brian Platt
Chief Innovation Officer
City of Jersey City

Randall Solomon
Sustainable Jersey

Edward Potosnak
Executive Director
New Jersey League of Conservation Voters

Katherine Lawrence
Senior Environmental Planner, City of Jersey City
Secretary, Jersey City Environmental Commission

Debra Italiano
Founder & Chair
Sustainable JC

Mark Lohbauer – Moderator
Director, New Jersey
Regional Plan Association – RPA

“Green” streets with trees, rain gardens and green parking lots can beautify a city, protect against storms and reduce spending and maintenance that can be redirected to other areas. Efforts to protect our water, maximize the use of green space for stormwater capture and retention are helping municipalities stay resilient. Many initiatives are underway from the City and it’s partners.

Panel Discussion: 8:25 – 9:10 AM

  • The Role of Sustainability in Economic Development, Jersey City’s Growth & Sparking Innovation, New Jobs & Resilience
  • The Most Exciting & Transformation Projects & Initiatives Underway
  • Discuss The Role the City & Stakeholders have in Advocating Sustainability
  • Leading Sustainability Practices, Programs, Materials & Implementation
  • Highlight Green Programs, Ordinances & Strategies
  • Discuss the Built Environment – Green Buildings, Retrofitting, LEED & related Improvements
  • Re/Development Incentives & Advocacy
  • Discuss the Role of Engaging Citizens & Organizations – Advocacy & Collaboration
  • Office of Innovation – Water Focus, Outlook, Expectations
  • City, Economic & Business Incentive Case
  • Hudson River & Storm Resiliency – Rebuild by Design – Progress Update


Jay DiDomenico
Hudson TMA

Jon Carnegie
Project Director, Together North Jersey
Executive Director, VTC Transportation Center – Rutgers

Mary K. Murphy
Executive Director
North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority

Michael Marino
Director & General Manager, PATH
Port Authority of NY & NJ

Barkha Patel
Senior Transportation Planner & NJTPA Representative
City of Jersey City

Patrick Conlon – Moderator
Bike JC

JERSEY CITY ENJOYS A STRONG & EVOLVING MIX OF TRANSPORTATION OPTIONS. With smart growth strategies driving infrastructure improvements in public transit and incentives around transit-oriented development, Jersey City is in the driver seat when it comes to increasing public, efficient & innovative transportation options.

Panel Discussion:  9:10 – 9:55 AM

  • The Importance & Catalytic Role Transportation has for Economic Development
    • City, County & Regional Trends & Perspectives Shared
  • Smart Growth/Cities, Planning & Technology Innovations Discussed
    • Dynamic Transportation Systems, Automatic Systems & Big (Government) Data
  • Incentivizing Growth & Momentum Building
  • Biking & Role in Transportation Mix – Infrastructure & Growth Opportunities
  • Car Sharing Programs
  • Major Projects & Trends Highlighted – Discuss Project Pipeline
    • Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Expansion Plans
    • West Side For NJCU On 440 / Bayfront – 18th Street Platform
    • Gateway / Hudson Tunnel Project – Plans, Funds, PredicationsHighlight Opportunities Available
  • Highlight (Development/PPP) Opportunities Available – Share New Trends & Best-Practices
  • Moonshot Initiatives?
    • Manhattan Pedestrian Walkway / Tunnel / Gondola
    • Upper Bay-Newark Bay / Hackensack River Corridor


Laura Skolar
Jersey City Parks Coalition

Sam Pesin
Friends of Liberty State Park

Francesca Giarratana
Principal Planner
Hudson County

Signe Nielsen
Founding Principal
Mathew Nielsen Landscape Architects
Lead Designer, Newport Green

Steve Jandoli
Supervising Program Specialist
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Benjamin Delisle – Moderator
Director of Development
Jersey City Redevelopment Authority

Jersey City’s Parks, Public & Open Spaces have an especially strong impact on a city’s livability and factor greatly when young professionals, parent’s and retirees decide where to live. We have seen universal adoption of open-spaces within redevelopment plans and new developments taking form around Jersey City. Leading Principals who care deeply about sustaining and growing their footprint in Jersey City will gather to discuss some of their efforts and thinking.

Panel Discussion  10:20 – 11:05 AM

  • The Role Open, Public & Green Spaces have in Economic Development, Neighborhood Revitalization
  • Importance to Growth, Attraction & Resilience
  • Significant Projects & Initiatives Highlighted – Discuss Project Pipeline – Seminal Projects Completed
  • Advocacy and The Role of City, County, State & National Partner – Strategy & Funding – Collaboration & Partnership Opportunities Highlighted
  • Best Stakeholder Engagement Practices & Success Stories
  • Livability/Walkability Scoring – Effects & Impact on Growth. Importance for Residents’, Quality of Life – Neighborhoods & Businesses
  • Creative Stakeholder Engagement Best Practices – Collaborations & Anchor Institution Roles
  • Synergies & Overlap with Arts, Sustainability, STEM – Programs & Initiatives Underway


Dr. Eugene J. Cornacchia
Saint Peter’s University

Dr. Sue Henderson
New Jersey City University

Dr. Glen E. Gabert
Hudson County Community College

Dr. Marcia V. Lyles
Jersey City Public Schools

Paul Hoffman
President & CEO
Liberty Science Center

Peter Daniels – Moderator
EVP & System COO
CarePoint Health

JERSEY CITY IS HELPING PREPARE THE NEXT-GENERATION of INNOVATORS. The importance of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics within the new global workforce is key to regional and national growth. Jersey City’s Schools, Universities, Institutions and private partners have incorporated this into their growth and development plans.  This enthusiasm and commitment can be seen across the city through the launch of new programs, collaborations, gatherings, facilities & centers.  Jersey City’s leading education principals will gather to discuss it’s importance in growth, what they’re working on and what excites them!

Panel Discussion:  11:00 AM – 11:55 AM

  • Largest Initiatives in the Pipeline & Recent Success Stories
  • The Role STEM Education has in Economic Development
  • Importance of Institutional Collaboration, PPPs & Strategic Alliances
  • Conferences, Contests, Scholarships, Mentoring
    • Advocacy, Programs & Resources
  • Importance to Professional & Career Development Pipeline
  • Support & Funding from Local, State & Federal Government
  • The Role of Arts – STEAM
  • What’s Working? Needs Work?
  • What’s Exciting, Innovative & Inspiring Educators


David Diaz
District Manager
Central Avenue Special Improvement District Management Corporation

Rachel Sieg
Executive Director
Historic Downtown Special Improvement District – HDSID

Christine Barresi
Executive Director
McGinley Square Partnership SID

Michele Massey
Executive Director
Jackson Hill Main Street Management Corporation – JHMSSI

Steven Hillyer
Project Manager
Journal Square Restoration Corporation- JSRC

Don Smartt – Moderator
District Administrator
Journal Square Restoration Corporation- JSRC

Jersey City’s Special Improvement Districts are each undertaking broad and collaborative approaches to improving the City and its respective districts, neighborhoods and enclaves.  These changes are in no small part a result of the tireless work those involved have done to help drive businesses within their districts and are amongst the city’s strongest advocates. Sharing and discussing best practices will be key to accelerating change and we look forward to seeing the wonderful improvements to streetscapes continue to happen.

Panel Discussion: 1 – 1:40 PM

  • The Role of SIDs in Neighborhood Revitalization, City Growth and Helping Drive the Community Forward
  • Convey Opportunities in the Neighborhoods – Retail & Business Leads
  • Convey Needs of the Neighborhoods – Services, Funding, Collaborations, Infrastructure
  • Programming & Streetscape Best Practices
  • Advocacy and The Role of City, County, State & National Partners & Funders
  • Combined Services
  • What major projects is the SID currently undertaking? Pipeline/Projects completed?
  • Advocacy and The Role of City, County, State & National Partners
  • Role in Creating and Accelerating Economic Development


Vivian Brady-Phillips
Deputy Mayor
City of Jersey City

Alfa Demmellash
Co-Founder & CEO
Rising Tide Capital

Vanessa Quijano
Small Business Coordinator
Jersey City Economic Development Corporation

Dr. Joseph Gilkey
Executive Director, Ignite Institute
Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration
Director, Center of Consumer Analytics
Saint Peter’s University

Alfred J. Titone
NJ District Director
US Small Business Administration

Maria Nieves – Moderator
President & CEO
Hudson County Chamber of Commerce


Panel Discussion:  1:40 – 2:25 PM

  • The Role New Business Creation, Growth & Support has to Jersey City’s Future, Resilience & Competitiveness
  • Using Jersey City, Hudson County, Metro NYC Assets, Resources & Amenities to help Create, Grow & Innovate New Businesses
  • Inclusive Entrepreneurship – Programs & Initiatives Working to Help Support & Impact Local Businesses & Entrepreneurs
  • Discussion of Leading Programs & Funds Capitalizing The Talent That Exists In Jersey City – Microloan, Small Business & Investor Funds
  • Successful Strategies & Programs Working To Revitalize Jersey City Neighborhoods Through Investing In Entrepreneurs & Micro-Enterprises
  • The Role Business Incubators, Accelerators, Co-working Spaces & Catalyzers In Jersey City’s Economic Development & Innovation Capacity
  • Importance Of Diversity In Innovation, Business & City Development – Programs & Policies Helping
  • Discuss Importance of a Pipeline Of Qualified & Local Talent Pool – Its Role in Helping Stabilize Neighborhoods


Nicholas Paleologos
Executive Director
New Jersey State Council on the Arts

Olga Levina
Founder & Creative Director
Jersey City Theater Center
White Eagle Hall & Merselles Studios

Christine Goodman
Executive Director Emeritus
Art House Productions

Stefania Panepinto
Principal Owner
Panepinto Galleries, Panepinto Fine Arts
Panepinto Properties

Sarah Calderon
Managing Director
ArtPlace America

Robinson Holloway – Moderator
Chair, Jersey City Arts Council
Owner, Village West Gallery

JERSEY CITY IS AN ALLURING ARTS & CULTURE DESTINATION . Its art ecosystem has acted as a catalyst & accelerator of neighborhood redevelopment, community engagement and city-wide economic growth.

Panel Discussion: 2:45 – 3:35 PM

  • The Role Art – Centers, Culture, Advocacy & Collaboration have in Economic Development
  • Importance to Neighborhood Revitalization &  Helping Create Communities
  • Community Development Programming Best Strategies – Creating & Building A Sense-of-Place
  • Advocacy and The Role of City, County, State & National Partners
  • The Benefits of Private Spaces | Public + Private Partnerships
  • Art District Overlays – Impression & Long-term Implication for Artists, Neighborhood & City
  • Building Local Entrepreneurship
  • Creative Stakeholder Engagement Best Practices – Collaboration amongst Anchor Institutions
  • Collaboration & Partnership Opportunities Highlighted
  • Jersey City Arts Council – Center for the Arts, NJCU – Jersey City Cultural Vision Plan


Elizabeth Cain
Director, Office of Cultural Affairs
City of Jersey City

Robert Rodriguez
Liberty State Park

Craig Goletz
Co-Founder & President
Jersey City International Television & Film Festival – JCITF

Tamara Remedios
Hudson Restaurant Week, Halsey Festival & Newark Pulse
Principal, Xplore Communication

Colin Egan
Executive Director
The Landmark Lowe’s Jersey Theater
Friends of the Lowe’s

Michele Sorvino
Executive Director
Golden Door International Film Festival

Kern Weissman
Riverview Neighborhood Association

JERSEY CITY IS A CREATIVE, CULTURAL & ENTREPRENEURIAL INCUBATOR.  With an explosion of art, food, music, in-door, out-door markets, festivals, tours, shows & awards; Jersey City supports local businesses & artists, as well as provides unique gatherings that help create invested communities.

Panel Discussion: 3:35 – 4:25 PM

  • The Role of Markets, Festivals, Tours, Concerts & Fairs in Catalyzing Entrepreneurship, New Business Development & Growth
  • Catalyst for Unlock Neighborhoods & Activating Collaborations
  • The Role of Gatherings in Accelerating Economic Development, Neighborhood Revitalization, City Growth and Drive UEZ’s forward
  • Major Projects Organizers are Undertaking
  • Programming Best Practices – Successful Initiatives Shared – Future Goals & Lessons Learned
  • Advocacy and the Role of City, County, State & National Partners relating to Strategy, Funding


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